You Will Never Look at Your Life in the Same Way Again / Earthling Ed

Ed Winters is a vegan educator, public speaker and content creator, widely known for his viral debates, speeches, and video essays. He empowers vegans with the knowledge and confidence to have effective conversations about veganism. In addition to his debates and speeches, Ed has co-founded the animal rights organization Surge, Unity Diner, a non-profit vegan restaurant in London where the profits go directly back into helping animals and Surge Sanctuary, a forever home to abused and unwanted animals on an 18 acre site in England. If you are not familiar with Ed’s work you should definitely check out his You Tube channel, Earthling Ed, as well as The Disclosure Podcast, and

The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear /

Gary Yourofsky

“Why do we choose to be tormentors instead of protectors?”

An inspirational life-changing speech by Gary Yourofsky, an animal liberation activist, national lecturer on animal rights and veganism, and founder of ADAPTT, a non-profit organization based in the US.

Gary does incredible work for the animals and has a You Tube channel packed with must watch videos.

What Vegans See | A Video For Non-Vegans [NOT Graphic] / Bite Size Vegan

“Ever wonder why vegans are so sensitive about things? Or why we seem to overreact so often? As a vegan, I’ve made this video in an attempt to show non-vegans what we see that makes as behave as we do. This is not a judgment and it’s not graphic. It’s simply one vegan sharing what I see in an attempt to help you make that connection, or at least understand the connection we vegans have made.” Bite Size Vegan

Every Argument Against Veganism | Ed Winters | TEDxBathUniversity

In this video Ed debunks every argument people typically use against veganism.

The History of Veganism / The Bite Size Vegan

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

What animals are thinking and feeling, and why it should matter | Carl Safina | TEDxMidAtlantic

Carl Safina takes us inside the lives and minds of animals around the world, witnessing their profound capacity for perception, thought and emotion, showing why the word “it” is often inappropriate as we discover “who” they really are. And yet, we are wiping out the very animals we should celebrate; we are the flood coming for Noah’s Ark. Carl leaves us with a difficult question: Do we have what it takes to let life on earth survive?


Plant Based News is a vegan news media & plant-based health education platform. They have a series of Vegan movies that you can watch on their You Tube Channel.

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