Peruvian Sandwiches with Crispy Oyster Mushrooms & Aji Verde

These delectable sandwiches are like the wild cousin of a classic Peruvian roasted chicken dish. Instead of chicken, we have tender oyster mushrooms soaked in a traditional blend of herbs and spices, and pan-seared until they’re irresistibly crispy. Imagine a crusty ciabatta roll, generously stacked with sizzling mushrooms, creamy avocado, tangy red onion, and a sprinkle of microgreens. And let’s not forget the star of the show – the green sauce that’s so delicious and addictive, it should come with a warning label. Trust us, these sandwiches will have you floating on a cloud of culinary bliss!

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We have a secret weapon that helps us to effortlessly get a huge variety of greens in our diet every single day! We grow our own microgreens! Microgreens are the baby versions of vegetables. They are incredibly nutrient dense, delicious, easy to grow, and very pretty too, making any dish you create look like it’s from a fancy restaurant. Microgreens are a great way to get some extra greens, especially if you have someone in your family, (or maybe it’s you) that refuses to eat their veggies.

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